Benefits to Utility Company
  • Demand response program/ load Profiling-Shift the load to off peak hours by TOU/TOD meter reading, thus saving the extra cost of purchase during peak loads.
  • Operational cost reduction in Automatic meter reading & remote actions on meters like disconnect etc.
  • Efficient, detailed, accurate and timely billing.
  • Increased customer service by sending alerts to meters regarding outage notifications, dues dates etc.
  • Any tamper attempts are monitored remotely and action can be taken remotely.
  • Pre paid connection possibility.
  • Accurate energy audit within the Substation or Transformer or event at customer level.
  • Reduction of Bad debt by ability to expeditiously turn OFF.
  • Enhanced monitoring of transmission and distribution points in grid.
  • Reduced chance of transformer overloading because of greater monitoring.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Monitor quality of supply and even recording.
  • Will enable the utilities to fulfill their obligation to work with consumers to reduce their energy costs and consumption.
Benefits to Utility's customer
  • Quality of service – Allows for faster outage detection and restoration of services by a utility when an outage occurs and therefore, less disruption to a customer's home.
  • Customer can receive notifications as alerts from utility.
  • Detailed , efficient & accurate billing ( ex: hourly billing details can be provided)
  • Reduction in power bills.
  • Monitor the usage accurately and thus conserve energy