Key Features

At Power ON, initialize peripherals and perform functionality health check including its domain network Manage inventory and provide seamless access from Central System to a single meter.

Read Features: On demand reads DIP (DIP) and sync Real Time Clock (RTC) 128*64 pixel Graphical LCD for display messages.

Execute Features: System executes jobs according to the defined task list; 12 keys keypad to execute commands; collects data and undertakes diagnostics checks at-site on-demand.

Data related Features: Gathers registered values at user defined intervals; stores collected data locally on compact flash cards and Push-Pull data.

Ease of Use Features: Installation: Just 10 minutes is the time required from installation to operations’ mode.

Supported Data Communication Carriers: GSM | GPRS | Zigbee | Fiber Optics | Fixed Wire Line (using RJ 45)

Future Use Compatibility/ Upgrade Has slots to increase memory space and provide add-on functionality for future use.7+