WDC 4000 SMART series Data Concentrators Manage & Control energy meters within its network through self discovery and self healing feature. It acts as a bridge between GSM/GPRS and Zigbee hybrid networks. Its significantly huge (4GB) memory space enables long periods of critical data storage along with our patented data fail-safe mechanism. WDC 4000 SMART series Data Concentrators’ ability to poll meters and intelligently sort, store and push data in AES 128 bit format at regular (user definable) intervals, makes it truly secure and unique in its class of DCs. WDC 4000 SMART series Data Concentrator functions as a multipoint in a point-to-multipoint data collection solution and is easy to integrate with existing solutions, as it supports a great variety of standard protocols and software packages, thus making it a component of vital significance in AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure).