IRIS Middleware Engine v2.0

Intelligent Remote Interface Software IRIS is a middleware engine (a layer of software) between the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) network and Advanced Metering Management (AMM) applications like Utility Billing, CRM, Demand Response, etc.

IRIS Engine facilitates seamless communication between an array of communication platforms like GSM/GPRS, Zigbee, OFC, Wired (RJ45 and RJ 252) and PLCC^ to and from AMM to Energy Meters via AMI. Through IRIS middleware engine a utility can execute services such as identification, authentication, authorization, demand response, load profiling, customer profiling, TOU/TOD, etc in a secured network. (^Custom solution can be built based on user requirements).

By incorporating DLMS*, standardization and universal interoperability is made possible by IRIS Middleware Engine, thus, harnessing the true potential of AMI in a multi-vendor, multi-platform environment for a utility. (* compliance work in progress)

IRIS Middleware Engine is the outcome of years of research on energy utilities requirement to cross over to SMART Metering Environment enabling Utilities to experience On Demand Availability, Dimensional Scalability, Streamlined Management and Intuitive Diagnostics.