Key Features: Robust Mesh Networking: Fault tolerant routing algorithms respond to changes in the network and in the RF environment. Every device keeps track of its "neighborhood"; thereby further improving reliability and robustness.

Beacon Enabled Network:
On Demand Active Mode & Sleep Mode

Route Discovery: WRZ routers undertake route discovery based on Ad-hoc-on-demand distance vector routing (AODV) protocol.

Interference Avoidance
: WRZ series coordinator selects best available RF channel/Network ID at startup time while RF channel and/or Network ID can be changed during operation to address interference.

Address Management
: Addresses automatically assigned using hierarchical/ distributed scheme and stochastic scheme.

: Devices can be profiled into logical groups depending on User requirement.

: 128 bit AES Encryption with Trust Center Application. High Security Mode also available.

Standardized Commissioning
: User deployment friendly startup procedure and standardized attributes support the use of commissioning tools in a multi-vendor environment.


Ease of Use Features: Installation: Just 10 minutes is the time required from installation to operations’ mode

Supported Data Communication Carriers
: ZIgbee