WRZ series Routers WRZ series routers primarily employ mesh routing to establish a route between source and destination devices and also pass data from other devices in the network. WRZ series routers and coordinators establish a secured route through trust centers between source and destination devices using a process called route discovery.

Because of the unique network optimization model WRZ series routers employ, they provide extensive network area coverage that dynamically route around obstacles, and provide backup routes in case of network congestion or device failure. They can connect to the data concentrators and other routers, and also support child devices subject to positive authentication by the network Trust Center.

Based on customer research, WRZ series routers have been specially built to extend battery life of the device. This has been made possible by incorporating On-demand active mode into the device. On-demand active mode uses route discovery process wherein the originating device broadcasts a route request command and the destination device sends back a route reply. This way network omnipresence is assured 24x7.

Devices can be profiled into logical groups depending on User requirement which can be addressed with a single frame; thereby reducing network traffic for packets destined for groups.