Single & Three Phase Meter – IEC 62053 or BSEN 504701, 3 winAMR Meter Electricity has become a basic unit of today’s modernization and business growth. This demands reliable and accurate devices to measure and track the quality and consumption of electricity, by both suppliers and consumers. winAMR focuses on design and development of modern metering products which assures precise and trustworthy metering, thus ensuring increased revenues for winAMR clients.

winAMR offers dynamic meters specifically designed for remote communications with a variety of metering systems. Our smart meters are very economical and efficient alternatives for metering applications; ranging from residential, commercial, municipalities and industrial in regulated and deregulated markets.

winAMR’s novel electronic Single and Three Phase Meter – IEC 62053 or BSEN 504701,3 promises high quality, accurate measure, value for customers and is an universal application with hybrid communication standards.

winAMR’s smart meter features advanced function circuits boards, which is easy for up-gradation and abide to international (IEC) and national standards such as DIN, BS, VDEW, and ANSI.

winAMR offers a line of electronic and electo-mechanical single and three phase meters giving our client a choice of cost-effective meters for measuring kilowatt-hour energy consumption. With the hybrid communication options and support software, our single and three phase meters can be easily incorporated into automated meter reading systems.