winAMR metering solutions are based on the various communication technologies and their topologies. Broadly, the communication technologies are divided into two classes:

  • Short range communications technologies include Zigbee, PLCC, 6LowPAN, RF…
  • Long range communications technologies include SMS/GPRS/Data call, PSTN, Fiber Optics, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max…

winAMR metering solutions are developed using hybrid technologies with an objective of cutting down the operational cost of utilities.

The winAMR smart metering solution consists of three basic components
1.Meter with Data Transceiver 2.Data Concentrator and 3. IRIS. Each of these elements plays a vital role in providing dynamic, two-way communication between utilities and their customers.

winAMR metering solution consist of Data Transceiver, a communication module (consist of hybrid communication technologies both long range and short range) which is connected to the energy meter (under glass) to READ the meter as per the COMMAND send by the Data Concentrator or COMMAND, sent by IRIS  ( Intelligent Remote Interface Server) through Data Concentrator and vice-versa. Data Concentrator performs many operations like, handling both long range and short communications, and maintaining a group of meters and their data periodically. Basically it’s an interface between IRIS and a group of meters with data storage capacity. IRIS (Intelligent Remote Interface Server) is the interface server of DC’s, Meters and MDMS servers. It’s also called head end server.