winAMR = Integrated ( MR + AMI + IRIS) winAMR offers integrated ‘Smart Metering’ meters which retrofits exiting meters into smart meters, AMI ( Advanced / Automated Metering Infrastructure ) a system that measures, read and analyze energy conception and IRIS ( Intelligent Remote Interface Server)- the Head End Server interfaces AMI & MDMS/AMM (Automated Meter Management) facilitating two- way communication between metering devices and data center to undertake remote operations.

Features Pre-paid/Post-paid-Dual functionality winAMR offers Pre-paid and post-paid facility in the same meter with seamless changeover. It is MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) Certified Energy Meter by EU.

Scalability and quick R&D time Any advanced features / customization is needed in communication and Head end collection system for customers, we can provide a solution with quick turn around using our smart metering expertise of 40 Engineers working in
  • Communication Platforms
  • Metering Domain
  • Metering Software
Production can be scaled to the needs of client.

Solution: winAMR Smart MeteringSmart Grid is the most viable solution. A smart grid includes an intelligent monitoring system that keeps track of electricity flowing in the system. Smart Metering is one of the essential elements for making smart grid vision a reality for the utility companies.

Below are few key drivers for Smart Metering as it provides a level of services beyond mere measuring energy consumption.
  • Managing energy loads during peak usage times- By shifting energy usage off peak times through load profiling and latest demand response programs, winAMR smart metering solution can help utilities save billions by avoiding the costs associated with building new power plants.
  • Automatic reading which helps in reducing the cost of manual reading.
  • Avoiding inaccurate & untimely billing.
  • Detecting outages remotely and the utility can proactively respond.
  • Remote actions on meter, like disconnecting remotely, sending alerts on outages, due dates etc.
  • Identifying any meter tampering attempts and acting accordingly.
  • Providing accurate customer data with usage history for analytics and planning.
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