Advanced Distribution Management System

Distribution grids need data and systems to drive safe and reliable operations. As SCADA, distribution automation, and outage management systems prove, dramatic improvement in grid efficiency and reliability can be achieved through increased real-time analytics driven by larger data volumes.


The Smart Grid increases the volume and variety of grid management data available by hundreds—potentially thousands—of orders of magnitude.

Legacy applications for grid operations are generally not equipped to handle even the increase in data from today’s smart meters and sensors, much less maximize data use. A new set of functions is emerging to respond to this challenge — winamr Advanced Distribution Management (ADM or ADMS, for Advanced Distribution Management System).

winamr ADMS organizes and analyzes the enormous volumes of new near-real-time data, then uses that data to achieve goals like:

  1. Decreasing the number and length of outages by using self-healing unfaulted circuit sections to restore customers automatically.
  2. Integrating larger amounts of intermittent renewable generation into the grid.
  3. Supporting electric vehicle recharging.
  4. Managing microgrids and virtual power plants.
  5. Supporting demand reduction programs.

winamr ADMS unites outage management and SCADA integration with existing and emerging distribution management software to :

  1. Increase grid efficiency, reliability, and security.
  2. Defer the need for new grid construction.
  3. Respond to new challenges like electric vehicle adoption and efficient use of beyond-the-meter, customer renewables generation (e.g. solar rooftops)—including operational and forecast modeling.
  4. Maximize use of intermittent, renewable power produced both locally and remotely.

Today, the utility industry has rallied behind the Smart Grid as a way to make valuable infrastructure improvements, increase customer options, and improve efficiency. Along the way, the Smart Grid will require not only new hardware like smart meters and sensors but also major new software functions that can maximize hardware and business process performance.

winamr ADMS is the emerging umbrella term for the set of advanced functions that will turn today’s distribution grid into the Smart Grid of tomorrow. By analyzing the massive amounts of new data generated by Smart Grid hardware and by making that analysis available across the utility enterprise, winamr ADMS speeds cost recovery for Smart Grid investments, delays the need to construct new central generation, and provides a flexible grid-management platform that can accommodate emerging demands.

winamr ADMS Applications

Distribution Management System

Outage Management System

Peak Load Management System

Energy Management System

winamr ADMS is successfully deployed at Jeedimetla Smart grid project, Telangana. This project helped the Southern Discom TSSPDCL to won Best Smart Grid Award 2020.

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