Traditional demand response relies on a whole range of old-fashioned methods, from phone calls to plant managers who crank up generators and turn down factory lines to mitigate peaks, to emails or web portals that inform customers that a peak day is coming and they’d better turn down power.

winDR is two-way digital communications and control technologies which form the heart of the new breed of demand response, which can act faster and more reliably – and also open up participation to a whole new range of end users.

Benefits of winAMR DR Solution

  1. Low power technology
  2. Standards-based hardware adapted to fit the problem resulting in lower overall cost
  3. Uses Wireless infrastructure for monitoring
  4. Uses Wireless infrastructure for control
  5. Modular Service architecture with three layers – Edgeware, Middleware and Centralware
  6. Open architecture (DLMS) for easy integration
  7. Plug-and-Play approach to the network installation.
  8. winDR Products capability of the technology to be reconfigurable allows OTA (over the air) upgrade of the firmware to be able to handle different and devices, applications, sensors, controllers, thermostats, etc.

winAMR DR Solutions

Types of Solutions

  1. Auto DR: Automated Demand Response
  2. IDR: Interactive Demand Response
    1. Customer/ Utility Interactive Demand Response
  3. ADR: Active Demand Response
    1. Both sides interactively participate in DR

winDR Devices

  1. Edgeware
    • DR Master Device
    • DR SmartApp Device
    • DR Data Controller
    • DR Mobile App
  2. Middleware
    1. IRIS

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