winAMR Meter Data Management System Benefits at a glance

Energy supplier’s workload is lighter with less manual effort devoted to managing meter data.

winAMR MDMS enables data to be analyzed automatically and displayed in dashboards.

Other market players can be granted access to the data via the system.

More and more energy companies are opting for smart meters. Smart meter data can be accessed through a web portal, anytime and anywhere. Companies can also draw on this data to offer value-adding services.

The performance bar for winAMR MDMS systems is very high; they are subject to rigorous standards.

How energy companies benefit from winAMR MDMS

Automated meter data management

The system supports with completeness and plausibility checks, replacement value generation, and data export to connected systems

User-friendly interface

A clearly arranged dashboard and intuitive user prompting guides through the system to conveniently troubleshoot issues that must be resolved manually

Easy implementation of value-adding services

Thanks to the open and modular architecture, our system easily accommodates new value-adding services and business models

Automated data management for devices and pricing rates

Integrated alarm management and messaging to fault management systems

Our MDMS handles scheduled collection and controls all data from meters and concentrators. The report module enables implementation of various reports and analytics. It enables aggregation of individual meter/customer measurements, virtual meters reports display, and export of data in different file types for analysis. Validating, reporting, controlling and archiving all meter data, the system is scalable to handle mass volumes of subscribers.

Real Time Command & Control

The central system is an internet/intranet-based application that allows secure control from any computer with internet access. The solution is designed to supply accurate data in near real time, which can:

  1. Enable faster responses to customer service requests, improving customer satisfaction.
  2. Provide the possibility of remote disconnection.
  3. Remotely upgrade firmware.

Advanced Billing Data

An essential task of the MDMS is automatic provision of measurement results to a 3rd party billing software thereby accelerating the issuing of invoices and reducing the collection period. The complete data for monthly billing calculations is transferred to the billing software one hour after the end of the month, and it’s ready to send bills on the 1st day of the month.

Error-free information accuracy is assured by data validation and verification modules. The systems link each meter to a property and tenant for billing purposes.

Automatic calculations on meter interval data are available to produce correct consumer bills for electricity. This includes support for applying variable tariffs such as Time-Of-Usage (TOU), Time of Day (TOD), Net Metering and Step Tariff.

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