Meter Data Acquisition System

winAMR developed Intelligent Remote Interface Software (IRIS) is a cloud-based meter data acquisition software supporting all advanced smart metering functions.

IRIS is a highly scalable Artificial Intelligence enabled IoT solution that effectively monitors, manages and Control your energy consumption in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Proper tracking and monitoring of energy data in real-time supports powerful energy management, and that requires an intellectual solution.

IRIS cloud-based meter data reading application not only handles data collection from energy meters on various communication networks but also capable of device management and configuration easily over the air.

IRIS helps in accurate billing, use of granular reports for proper planning, decision support, and assists in taking corrective measures to optimize energy utilization and efficiency. In addition, to supporting data exchange with an external application, the IRIS also facilitates basic Validation, Estimation, and Editing (VEE).

IRIS is a open source platform and can easily be enabled with Block Chain technology.

IRIS is a Metering head end System, a scalable data acquisition platform for reading energy meter consumption data and for billing systems, energy management systems, smart grid, and smart metering applications. IRIS also supports Industrial IoT Applications.

The IRIS platform has inbuilt support for various industry-standard open metering protocols like DLMS. In short, All DLMS approved protocol meters irrespective of any manufacturer will integrate with IRIS.

Yes, IRIS platform support all the smart metering functions such as meter configuration, CIS, bill settings such as billing cycle, time of use (TOU) tariff, TOD tariff, connect/disconnect, load limiting etc which are required for smart metering.

Yes all DLMS approved Smart meters can be managed remotely and Over the Air meter firmware update is available.

Yes, winAMR provides and deploy Cloud Based IRIS and Server based IRIS as per the clients requirement.

IRIS Features

  1. Highly Scalable Enterprise-class Software System
  2. Different profiles of meter data along with historical views are stored in large- scale databases, for further consumption by upstream Utility systems such as – Billing, CIS, OMS, PLM, SCADA, etc.
  3. Works with multiple Meter Manufactures (DLMS Approved) and scales to handle millions of Smart Meters
  4. Data Export – CSV, Excel, and XML
  5. Prepayment Gateway Module

Communication infrastructure

GPRS, GSM, Low Power Radio (Zigbee), Power Line (6LowPAN Stack) & NB-IoT, rf-mesh.

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