Distribution Transformer Management System

With DTMS one can remotely monitor real time Physical Parameters such as Oil Temperature, Oil Level, Ambient Temperature, Humidity, Winding Temperature & Alerts, MOG, Winding Temperature. Similarly Electrical parameters such as Basic: Phase wise Voltage, Current, PF, KW, KVA,KVAR, System V, I, PF, KW, KVA, KVAR & Harmonics: 1st to 15th odd harmonic, THD for Current & Voltage & Demand: Peak Demand every 15minute, daily, monthly & yearly.

winAMR Distribution Transformer Management Solution benefits

  1. Recognize when transformers are on the brink of collapse (overloaded) and take performance related actions. Often utility may lose a transformer because of lack of information around how the transformer is running.
  2. Improve visibility of the low voltage power network and help utility companies to deliver high quality electricity to consumers.
  3. The DTMS system provides real time information about voltage, power factor, current, harmonics and unbalance from LV network, and based on this information, utility companies can utilize specific remedies to solve the problems as they occur.
  4. Decrease Outage duration
  5. Utilize the useful information from the distribution transformer Management system and make decisions about distribution network planning such as critical points in the network that need to be extended or upgraded.

Supports DOTA (Data over the Air) firmware update

No Loss of Data at any point.

Trigger Alerts

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